Julian Trim & Co

Used Car Experts

Established 1964

Church Farm,
West Stour, Gillingham,
Dorset, SP8 5RL.
Tel: 01747 838 888
Fax: 01747 838 800
Email: enquiries@juliantrim.co.uk

We specialise in sourcing used vehicles from auction to match our customers requirements.

Typical requirements:

Commissions are also accepted outside these parameters particularly for more individual models.

We start the car-finding process with a telephone conversation to discuss your requirements. We will estimate the likely prices and availability of your chosen car - some vehicles are not readily available and it may take some time to find. We also want to know which features are essential for you and which are nice-to-have. We will also ask about any features that you want us to avoid.

When an order has been received and the deposit paid, we will locate the vehicle of your choice at auction. When found we will phone you to describe the vehicle and discuss bidding limits. We will let you know if any refurbishment/rectification work is required together with a guide as to any likely costs. On most cars there is no such costs to consider but as the age and mileages rise we find that there can be remedial work required to bring a vehicle up to good standards. We will however have identified this and advise accordingly. We are capable of undertaking any such remedial works if required. Obviously cars requiring expenditure command lower prices and therefore advice would be given to lower bidding limits, sometimes considerably to allow for the inconvenience and costs involved.

When we find your car at auction we will pay for and take delivery of the vehicle. We ask you to complete the contract within a few days of purchase. Vehicles can be collected from our premises or delivered to your home or workplace by our own transporters.